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8/12/2010  [RIDE] - Important eRIDE information  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good morning, We will be running the update procedure around 11:15 this morning so that the 09-10 reports will refresh. This will cause eRIDE to run slower than normal so please be patient. The procedure should finish around 1:15pm. For those districts that have not yet reviewed/updated/signed off on their SY 10-11 school profiles, please do so as soon as possible. Also, if any schools in your district are opening, closing, or reconfiguring, you’ll need to fill out the appropriate forms: School update form: School close form: School open form: SY 09-10's enrollment census is open for corrections, and will be open until 3pm tomorrow, Friday, the 13th. We will run the procedure around 11am on Friday to update the reports so you can view the most recent data that will be signed-off on. The data will be locked at 3pm tomorrow and these signed reports must be sent in by Friday, August 20th, with email as the preferred method. If you have already sent the signed reports in but have updated your 09-10 data this week, you will need to send new reports in. The following district level EOY reports must be signed/faxed or scanned/emailed (preferred) by the superintendent are: 1. ADM (Aggregate Days of Membership) - District Calculated 2. Average Daily Membership 3. ADA (Aggregate Days of Attendance) - District Calculated 4. Average Daily Attendance 5. Truancy 6. Suspensions - Total 7. EIS Report (Early Intervention Services) 8. Title I Report 9. Submission Report For reference, the instructions are located here: -Deanna 222-8400