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7/27/2010  [RIDE] - Opening SY 10-11 and SY 09-10 EOY Reports  Deanna Raphael-State 
Dear Data Managers, We will be opening the 10-11 school year on Thursday afternoon, ready for use on Friday morning. We will be locking down the upload process at 5pm on Thursday, so please make sure you have submitted all data for the day before then. Also, if you are an ADT agent district, please make sure you completely close the agent prior to 5pm. Friday morning, when you open the agent again, you will receive a new version. Thank you to the districts that have already submitted their 09-10 EOY reports. As a reminder, if you can scan/email the signed reports, that is the preferred method. The eight reports are due by 7/31. Also, please note, you must send in signed reports even if you do not have any students for a specific report, such as Title I and EIS. Please let us know if you have any questions, -Deanna 222-8400