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7/23/2010  [RIDE] - 09-10 EOY Reporting Deadline and 10-11 Question (RESPONSE REQUIRED)  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good morning, REMINDER: The 09-10 EOY Reporting Deadline is July 31st, 2010. In addition, RESPONSE REQUIRED by Tuesday, July 27th for the answer to the SY 10-11 data question listed at the bottom of this email. This email contains very important information about the end-of-year (EOY) reporting of student data. Instructions on file setup can be found here: For reporting information please see: for more information. The submissions can be uploaded in any order ONCE the enrollment data has been sent. Our suggested upload schedule is as follows, PREFERABLY with one file for the entire district as a complete year to date uploads so we get the cleanest data for all files EXCEPT for the Program Core if you upload the program data separately (for example: Title 1 in one file and EIS in another): 1. Enrollment 2. Address 3. Attendance 4. Discipline 5. Program Core 6. Teacher Course Student Once you have finished uploading the enrollment and attendance data, make sure to check student membership numbers (ADM) and attendance (ADA) as these are critical for EOY reporting and drive State Aid. RIDE calculates the ADM and ADA (state calculated) based on your school calendar and daily absence records, these numbers should be very close to what you submitted (district calculated). You can view these by choosing the appropriate report from the Report Types dropdown menu. When viewing these on the student listing page in the Enrollment Census, the ADM/ADA numbers will be bold and colored if there are differences. Hover over the specific number to see information about the discrepancy. Make sure you check your duplicates and demographic differences in the Enrollment Census. All duplicates must be resolved before signing off on the reports. Before signing off on these reports, please make sure that: 1. You have resolved all of the remaining duplicates and demographic errors 2. You have used the auto-fill functions to sync the students' program eligibility status if that was planned 3. You have used the baseline numbers and previous years' reports for consistency checks 4. You have reviewed the reports with business managers, program and district administrators The following EOY reports must be signed/faxed (or scanned and emailed) by the superintendent at the district level are: 1. ADM (Aggregate Days of Membership) - District Calculated 2. Average Daily Membership 3. ADA (Aggregate Days of Attendance) - District Calculated 4. Average Daily Attendance 5. Truancy 6. Suspensions - Total 7. EIS Report (Early Intervention Services) 8. Title I Report Another important reminder about the enrollment data submission is the new race and ethnicity fields. Thank you to the many districts that have submitted this data correctly, we appreciate it. Many districts have uploaded incomplete data, such as Hispanic Y or N and then all five races as N (at least one must be Y); please fix immediately. For reference please see: and If you have questions about where you stand, please contact us. ----------------------------------- 10-11 School Year data If you want RIDE to build rosters using your 09-10 Census, please make sure the schcode_next field in your enrollment census submission is correct for all returning students. If you prefer that RIDE build rosters using your 10-11 Census, you will need to submit the data once we open the 10-11 SY in the Enrollment Census. --------------------------- RESPONSE REQUIRED BY TUESDAY, JULY 27th: Which method do you wish to use (09-10 schcode_next OR submitting SY 10-11 enrollment data)? Please send us an email to stating which of these methods you prefer to use. --------------------------- Once the new school year opens, it is imperative that you submit data for the correct school year; both for manual uploads and ADT uploads. Please let us know if you have any questions, eRIDE Helpdesk