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4/21/2010  [RIDE] - Information re: EOY requirements  Deanna Raphael-State 
Dear Data Managers, Reminder: we will not have a WebEx tomorrow at 2pm; it has been rescheduled for Tuesday, the 27th, at 2pm. As we are nearing the end of the school year, we wanted to provide you with the following deadlines: -weekly – ‘Check Duplicates’ and ‘Check Demographics’ to keep the numbers as close to zero as possible; -end of June – enrollment census core submissions need to be completed; membership and attendance data must be accurate; -end of July – address, attendance, discipline, program core, and teacher course student submissions are due; -throughout the summer – exit status can be updated. We will be opening the 2010-11 census in the beginning of July to collect rosters for the Fall 2010 NECAP assessment. Please see the following document for Race/Ethnicity information as well as the implementation schedule: In brief, the current school year, “2009-10, is the opportunity for data quality and validation checks, resolve problems” using the new standards. Please review the data you have uploaded and ensure its precision. Many districts have uploaded partial data; it is crucial that you upload the remainder. Accepted values for the old way are located here: The new way of collection race and ethnicity data provides for much more accurate results as a multi-racial person has the ability to choose their races instead of picking the one closest to accurate. The following two-part question must be answered. Part 1: Ethnicity - Are you Hispanic or Latino? Y or N. Part 2: Race Identification - At least one of the following racial categories must be true: Asian, Black, Native, Pacific, or White. For each of these five options in Part 2, a Y or a N must be placed in the field; with a minimum of one Y. Information on this can be found at: and Please contact the HelpDesk at or 222-8400 if you have any questions. Deanna