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4/1/2010  [RIDE] - schcode_out, school calendar, and R/E updates  Deanna Raphael-State 
This is to inform you that we have updated the validation on the enrollment uploads, which will be released on Wednesday, the 7th. Please make sure that your schcode_out values are legitimate, otherwise your submissions might fail due to the amount of errors. -Enroll_type = R (regular) cannot have schcode=xx190, cannot have a value in schcode_out and cannot have IEP=’S’. -Enroll_type = O (outplaced) must have schcode=xx190, cannot have a blank schcode_out field, schcode_out cannot be xx900 or xx990, schcode_out cannot be a regular public school or any non-public schools, and cannot have IEP=’S’. -Enroll_type = H (homeschooled) must have schcode=xx190, and schcode_out = xx900. -Enroll_type = S (service plan or privately enrolled) must have schcode=xx190 and schcode_out = xx990. -Enroll_type = T (temporary) must be at DCYF, therefore schcode=07702. Also, as a reminder, if you need to extend your district calendar, click on ‘School Calendar’ and then on ‘Change Last School Day’. Thank you to the districts that are providing us race and ethnicity data the old way and the new way this school year; we appreciate the effort on this. Many districts have uploaded partial data; it is crucial that you upload the remainder. Accepted values for the old way are located here: The new way of collection race and ethnicity data provides for much more accurate results as a multi-racial person has the ability to choose their races instead of picking the one closest to accurate. The following two-part question must be answered. Part 1: Ethnicity – Are you Hispanic or Latino? Y or N. Part 2: Race Identification – At least one of the following racial categories must be true: Asian, Black, Native, Pacific, or White. For each of these five options in Part 2, a Y or a N must be placed in the field; with a minimum of one Y. Information on this can be found at: and Please contact the Helpdesk at or 222-8400 if you have any questions or problems. Deanna