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1/21/2010  [RIDE] - submitting complete YTD records to enrollment census  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
We noticed a couple of districts have been submitting complete YTD records INCREMENTALLY on a daily basis - this has put a lot of burden on our servers to resolve duplicated records. We strongly suggest you do the following - 1. always use tHE 'complete year-to-date (YTD)' method to submit complete set of records; 2. because the summer-withdrawal records do not change much, you may keep it in a separate Excel file and submit this smaller file as 'incremental' when needed. If you use our automatic daily transfer agent to transfer data, you may schedule the transfers in two parts if you can't join the two tables - 1. a complete YTD transfer of all current year records; 2. summer withdrawal records as incremental. Ideally, the incremental method should be used to submit any new or changed records, but if you are unable to extract the new/changed records, you are welcome to use the complete YTD method every time. We are pretty much done with the use of summer withdrawal records for 09-10, therefore you do not need to submit the records on a daily or frequent basis. You may keep the records in an Excel file and submit incrementally when needed or when updated. Thank you for your cooperation! Call or email our help desk for any questions about this email - 222-8400,