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1/13/2010  [RIDE] - reviewing the high school cohort graduation data  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is another reminder that districts need to complete the review of the cohort data (and the annual graudates and dropout reports) by Jan 15th. These reports are high stake, they are used to measure school performance, for State and federal reporting, and they draw the most attention from the public and media when published. When reviewing the cohort data, we asked you to pay special attention to the 2006 cohort, particularly students whose exiting status is 'unknown'. Students whose exit status being unknown will be counted as dropouts if not verified and corrected. Please note that we have already accounted for all graduates and transfers within the RI public schools when we prepared the cohort data for your review. If however we missed any graduates or RI public school transfers, you will need to submit the missing records as Summer Withdrawals in Enrollment Census for 08-09. All changes and updates that you are making should be backed up with your own record keeping, electronic or on paper, as you normally do in maintaining quality student records. A request for a student's transcript from an out-of-state school, e.g., is evidence that the student has transferred out of RI's public school system. The latest instructions can be viewed and downloaded from Prior communications on this topic can be viewed from, search by keyword 'cohort'. As always, feel free to contact us at, 222-8400. Thank you for your cooperation!