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12/24/2009  [RIDE] - cohort graduates and dropouts - an update  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Please note in your 'Update Student Exits' application, we asked you to review all 3 cohorts - cohort 2004, 2005 and 2006. When reviewing the cohort data, we ask you to pay attention to the 2006 cohort, particularly students whose exiting status is 'unknown'. We 'added/creditted' the 5th year graduates to the 2005 cohort and 6th year gradudates to the 2004 cohort. So please review the updated reports because the rates might have been udpated and 'improved' slightly for some districts as a result. If there are no further updates and you already signed off these reports last year, no further action is requested. if you want to submit additional udpates to these two cohorts, you need to request for an unlocok from our, 222-8400 Our help desk offers weekly Webex conferences on State reporting - if you are new to this important review process or have any questions, we strongly ask you to join us. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday!, 222-8400