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9/9/2003  NCES Fellows Program  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
The next NCES Fellows Program will be held in DC on Nov 3-7 (see attached or, I strongly encourage the district MIS staff who are involved in data reporting to apply. I have been to one of the training programs, it was excellent, you will learn about education data, information systems management and reporting! NCES pays for everything, the hotel, the airline, the meals, the taxi, etc. To apply, simply follow the instructions online or contact NCES for more information. NCES welcomes participation from local schools systems, and because it is held twice a year, and those who have participated in the program in the past are no longer eligible to apply, you have an excellent chance to be accepted! Good luck, Ken ======================== > The next NCES Fellow's Program will be held here in Washington, DC on > November 3-7, 2003. New Forum members are encouraged to attend this > week-long training program which is guaranteed to improve your > knowledge of NCES surveys/programs and practices. An online > application is available at the following URL > > > Act quickly, the online application will shut-down on September 12th. > > Mary McCrory > Fellows Program Manager =======================================