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12/16/2009  Special Education Census Duplication Process has started  Charlene Gilman (State) 
Good Afternoon All: The Special Education Census Duplication Process has started. Please log onto the Special Education Reporting Module. Look for the View (true) next to your sped census submission and click on the View. On the next screen click on 'Check for Duplicates.' If you see Duplicates listed, then please converse with the other district who has the same duplicate (email and name are listed on the screen). Once, all of the duplicates have been resolved on your census, please re-submit your census. You will see 'Fax Report to RIDE', click on that button and print out the report. Have your Special Education Director sign and date the report and please fax it to me at 222-6030. Thank you. Charlene P.S. I sent screen prints to all sped census personnel via email. You may find that easier.