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12/8/2009  [RIDE] - Dropout, Graduate, and Cohort Reports  Deanna Raphael-State 
This is a reminder that the dropout and graduate reports need to be signed off by Monday, December 14th. To ensure the accuracy of data, districts need to complete the summer withdrawal data submissions in the 09-10 Census (enroll_type='W'). Here is the simplified procedure for you to complete the review process. 1. If you have already submitted the summer withdrawals for the 09-10 Enrollment Census, please verify they are accurate and complete. The summer withdrawals should show up in your Submission Status report in Enrollment Census. 2. Almost all districts have summer withdrawals, if you have not submitted any, all un-reported exits are coded as dropouts (e.g., a student was expected to re-enroll for 09-10, but there is no actual enrollment). 3. After you fix the summer withdrawals, verify the graduates and dropouts reports for 08-09 inside the Enrollment Census. Please note that if you make any changes, these reports get updated over night so they will be ready for review the next day. 4. Districts need to sign off these two reports (graduates and dropout) by December 14th. Please note: the cohort data analysis will start on December 21st; data must be reviewed and signed off by January 8th. Among all education indicators, cohort graduation rates are among those most important. This year’s instructions will be similar to last year’s (, however, another cohort will be added. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions; however, we are available for the weekly QA session on Tuesdays. Deanna