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9/9/2003  dropout report for HS seniors  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Our thanks to districts and schools that have promptly submitted the dropout information for the high school seniors! Please make sure the reports have been signed off as well! This message is to remind the following districts/high schools that their 02-03 dropout reports for high school seniors are now past due. Information is needed to compute your school's graduation rate, one of the most important indicators used by the new Performance and Accountability System. Please submit and sign off the report ASAP! If you have any issues or problems submitting the report, please email Dr. Ken Gu at (email only). Thank you for your cooperation! ============================ 04108 Central Falls Senior High School 06119 Coventry High School 10112 East Providence High School 10118 Grove Avenue School 26105 William E. Tolman Senior High School 26118 Shea Senior High School 27106 Portsmouth High School 28702 Rhode Island School for the Deaf 28703 Metropolitan Regional Career & Technical Center 31107 Smithfield Senior High School 32108 South Kingstown High School 32115 The Farm School 35130 Warwick Veterans Memorial High School 35138 Toll Gate High School 39123 Woonsocket High School ======================================