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EOY Reports Due

Application Name: Enrollment Census System:
Description: All duplicates and demos must be resolved before 7/16/2021. No updates will be made after that date. Please review baseline numbers and previous year reports for consistency checks. Review reports with business managers, program and district administrators. The following end of year reports will be open to sign after July 23 and must be electronic signed by the superintendent at the district level by July 31: 1. Submission Report 2. Absence Unexcused 3. Absence Excused 4. Absenteeism 5. ADA - State Calculated 6. ADM - State Calculated 7. Early Dismissal 8. Suspensions Report – Total 9. Suspensions Report – Unique 10. Tardy 11. Truancy 12. RADM - State Calculated Report 13. Student Contact 14. EIS Report 15. Homeless Report 16. Title I Report 17. Educator Attendance Report

Open Date:07/23/2021 Close Date:07/30/2021
Due Dates: 07/30/2021

Owner Office: Data & Technology Services
Name: Scott Gausland
Phone: (401) 222-8967
Steward Office: Data & Technology Services
Name: Ken Gu
Phone: (401) 222-8957
Manager Office: Data & Technology Services
Name: Mario Goncalves
Phone: (401) 222-8968

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