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2003 School Classifications and Test Results

  News Release (pdf)  
    Education Department Releases 2003 School-Performance Classifications, nearly 2/3rds of Schools Meet All 21 of Their Annual Targets ...

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  2003 Classifications Summary (pdf)  
    2003 Summary of School Classifications (document will be available soon)
  2003 Assessment Results Summary (pdf)  
    Percent Proficient on Math and ELA, Elementary/Middle and High, Year to Year Comparison, 2002 Results to 2003 Results ...
  Brochure on Accountability (pdf)  
    School-Performance Classifications An Explanation of the Process
  Technical Bulletin  - Accountability (pdf)  
    School and district performance and accountability system,  incorporating the NCLB Accountability System ...
  2003 School-Performance Classifications (pdf)  
    2003 school performance ratings ...  
  2003 School & District Report Cards  
  School classifications and test results, performance rankings on by district, schools and demographics ...