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State-Approved Special Considerations for Statewide Assessments
The Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Office of Instruction, Assessment, and Curriculum are pleased to provide you with our new, user-friendly, easy-to-use system that will assist you in submitting your requests for approval of student exemptions/special considerations from the NECAP Science, PARCC, NCSC, and RIAA Science assessments.

To begin, please ensure that you have read the guidance document, "Special Considerations for Statewide Assessments: 2014-2015 Guidelines & Forms.” This document explains each state-approved special consideration/exemption in detail and outlines the conditions under which a student would and would not qualify for special consideration/exemption. This document also explains when requests are due to RIDE and which forms must be completed to qualify for approval of each request.

Once you have read the guidance document and are familiar with the minimum requirements for each type of special consideration/exemption, you can initiate your request(s) by clicking on the link below to go to the eRIDE Student Information Needed to Request Exemption page. For requesting student exemption from state testing via the eRIDE system, please see "Guidance on How to Request Exemption from State Testing via eRIDE".

Student Information Needed to Request Exemption.

In eRIDE you will see an icon for “Exemption Requests” if you are authorized in your district to submit requests for exemption (in general, only the superintendent has this authority). After clicking on this icon you will see a form with instructions (see Student Information Needed to Request Exemption).

Here you will need to input the student’s State-Assigned Student ID # (SASID). Once the SASID has been validated, many of the fields will be populated automatically for you (be sure to verify that this information is correct). You will need to select the reason for the exemption request (refer to the guidance document to ensure you select the appropriate one) as well as the assessment(s) from which you are requesting special consideration/exemption for the student.

Once you complete the requested information in eRIDE and submit it, you will need to do the following for EACH request:

If you have any questions about PARCC or NECAP Science, please contact Dr. Kevon Tucker-Seeley at 401-222-8494. If you have questions about the alternate assessments, NCSC or RIAA-Science, please contact Heather Heineke at 401-222-8493.
Guidance Document and Forms

Support Contact: RI Department of Education, Office of Instruction, Assessment, and Curriculum, 255 Westminster Street, Providence, RI 02903-3400. Support: 222-8400, helpdesk@ride.ri.gov.