1. Teacher statistics for 2009-10 by schools and districts - preliminary    File Size: 1756 KB   (FileID: 25074 )  
Teacher statistics, FTEs, instructional staff by grade level, guidance counselors, librarians, emergency and provisional certifications
Published: 05/07/2010
2. Annual Non-Certified Staff Report - 2003-2010    File Size: 584 KB   (FileID: 24889 )  
teacher assistants, administrative, media, library, student, services support staff
Published: 02/14/2010
3. Technology Skills of School Personnel by Staff Category    File Size: 399 KB   (FileID: 25646 )  
unduplciated headcount of full-time school personnel who have met state or district technology standards; and the unduplicated headcount of full-time school personnel who have not.
Published: 09/20/2010

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